Friday, 22 June 2012

Meet the Beatles for Real: Inside the walls of Cavendish

Meet the Beatles for Real: Inside the walls of Cavendish Ave
I took these shots with a camera that I borrowed from a South American fan called Lizzie Bravo who I met outside the gate. It was March 31st (?) 1967' It was the moment of the creation of what was to become a global masterpiece and I was sitting between them. I wanted to capture it on film, but Lizzie's little camera's lens wasn't wide enough so I pushed my chair back - still wasn't able to get them both in. So I took a snap of each of them. (Just wish Mick hadn't leaned forward. Such a tit.) Magic Roundabout was on the telly (in B&W in those days!) Paul loved it and used to whistle the theme tune. Martha's sitting at his feet, just a puppy then (she chewed my umbrella to shreds that day!) Packet of Lark cigarettes on the table (both J&P used to smoke Lark - 'with the charcoal filter'!) and tapes from the day before's recording session. Alternative Pepper drumskin on the wall from the photo shoot the day before at Chelsea Manor Studios (John took the actual one that was used home to Kenwood and put it on his gipsy caravan in the garden, which pals Simon and Marijke - 'The Fool' - painted all Romany-esque, can see it now). I sat outside with John in the garden for ages talking, and took a snap of John of which Lizzie has the original. Terry Doran later took a shot of us on Paul's sofa.
(I still have that striped blazer hanging behind my studio door!)